How It Works

Composition Tracker automatically calculates a client's body fat based on the formula you select and calculations you enter:


You also have the ability to print out detailed and professional reports


Is there a limit to the number of user that can be created?

No. You can enter an unlimited amount of users. This is particularly useful for trainers and fitness centers that need to keep track of hundreds of clients.


Do I have to do any math?

No. The software automatically does all calculations for you. You just simply enter the measurement data.


What type of equipment do I need?

It depends on which type of formula you use. If you choose to use a tape formula then you need a tape measure and a scale. If you choose to use a caliper formula then you need a caliper.


I use an electric body fat device that gives me my body fat instantly. Can I still use the Composition Tracker?

Yes, of course. You can still use the Composition Tracker to track your body fat changes. Just select the "Other" calculation option and then you simply enter the body fat percentages you receive from your device. The Composition Tracker will log and track your data for you automatically.


How many formulas do I have to choose from?

The Composition Tracker has over 25 body fat formulas to choose from. Formulas for men, women, teenagers and older individuals. More than any other composition software available today!

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